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RULES - 2018


ASSECOM-CA (Associação São-Tomense de Entretenimento e Comunicação Multimédia - Cultural e Artístico)

1 - submission

a) Entries are accepted until the deadline below.
Regular deadline: from February 24th to June 24th, 2018.
Additional deadline: from June 25th to July 14th, 2018.
b) Submission fee
National competition and film from PALOP: free
International Competition: 7€
adicional deadline: 10€
c) Payment of the registration fee is made at the moment of submission by Paypal, or using email assecom.ca@gmail.com.

2 - eligibility

Will be accept for selection, films that following conditions below:
a) Films produced from January 1st, 2016;
b) Unpublished in São Tomé and Príncipe (preferably);
c) Not available on the web (preferably).
Accepted submission in the following categories:
National Competition (Short Film, Feature Film, documentary, video/video clip)
International Competition (Short Film, Feature Film, documentary, animation).

3 - format for the works submission

a). All participants can submit their works by Vimeo, YouTube or another video streaming platform by sending a password protected link with unique access by the organization or by using one of the following services:
Festhome Click for Festivals Filmfreeway

4 - subtitles

It is very important that all the registered works which the original language is different from Portuguese, must contain the subtitles files .srt in PT-pt or EN-en.

5 - selection

a) The organizing selects works to the competition, and informs its decision to the filmmakers with selected works.
b) Works that the organizing concludes don't follow the requirements set forth in the previous paragraphs are excluded.
c) The selection result will be available on saotome-festfilm.com, on the official page of the festival on facebook and through by newsletter.

6 - prize

a) Will be attributed prize to best work of each category that have signed works: (Feature Film, Short Film, Animation, Documentary and Video/Video Clips).
b) The national and international jury will be constituted by suitable professionals invited by the organization, who can give special mentions to works that so understand.

7 - event date

The 4th edition SÃO TOME FESTFILM will take place from 24th to October 27th, 2018, time the winners of the different categories will be announced.

8 - others

a) All works are automatically enabled to receive our newsletters through the contact email provided.
d) Any questions or issues that may arise will be clarified or resolved by the organization.
e) The selected films may take part of events non-commercial shows/extensions in the promotion of the Festival.


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